Arbikie Secures Six-Figure Deal in Germany

Angus distillery, Arbikie which produces a gin distilled from peas, has signed a six-figure deal for its products in Germany.

Arbikie’s Nadar Gin is the world’s first climate positive gin and was created following five years of research at Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute.

The de-skinning and distilling process creates home-grown animal feed.

The eco-friendly process also takes advantage of the peas’ natural ability to source essential nitrogen for growth from the atmosphere.

Nadar Gin and Arbikie’s Highland Rye, the world’s only rye scotch whisky, will be distributed in Germany by Alba Import, based in Nottensdorf.

The family firm has farmed at Arbikie for four generations and is now targeting the premium spirits market under the management of brothers David, Iain and John Stirling.  Distillery director Iain hailed the new deal and stressed the company’s sustainability aims.

The firm also proudces a climate-positive vodka.  He said: “We are delighted to announce this new distribution agreement on Earth Day.

“Arbikie is focused on becoming one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries.  As both farmers and distillers, we are in an ideal position to grow and distill our family of sustainable spirits.

“Sustainable products are undoubtedly the future, especially in this year of the UN’s Cop26.

“We are fortunate to have such a wonderful environment on Scotland’s east coast from which we can produce the highest quality of spirits.

“We’re proud to play a part at the vanguard of what is becoming a global sustainable spirits movement.”

Most gins are made from spirit distilled from cereals such as wheat, barley or maize.

Growing peas means no synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is needed, avoiding any negative environmental impact on waterways, air and soils.

Peas also improve soil quality and offset fertiliser needs of other crops.

Arbikie has secured additional distribution deals in North America and Asia in the past six months.

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