Marketing Your Business (Dundee)

This workshop will help you create a realistic marketing plan. It is designed to improve how you market your business and increase sales.

What to expect from this event

In this workshop you will:
•explore what the market is
•identify what your customers need and want
•begin to produce forecasts for your business
•decide what type of marketing you will use
•calculate how much your marketing will cost
•identify reasonable adjustments to your products or services
•work out what the price of your products or services should be
•list who will be involved in marketing
•explain how and where your products or services are to be sold
•plan how you will present your product or service to customers

By the end of the workshop you should have a realistic marketing plan designed to increase your sales.


Event Information
21 January 2020 10:00 am Unit 27-28 Camperdown Street, City Quay, Dundee DD1 3JA