Forfar Company Making History in Inner Mongolia

Just mention Mongolia and the name alone stirs up visions of nomadic herders, thundering horses and, of course, the warrior-emperor Genghis Khan. Very soon another historic milestone will be reached when a Forfar company delivers the region’s first whisky distillery.

Dave Valentine MBE, owner of Valentine International LLP announced that he concluded this major contract at the 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Convention held last month in London attended by around 3,000 Chinese business representatives from 60 countries.

Mr Valentine confirmed that his company will manage a “design and build” project that will see the first phase of the distillery built next year in Ordos – a modern vibrant city of over two million people.

Referring to the six figure project management contract,  DaveValentine said:

“Building a distillery in Inner Mongolia is the brainchild of MengTai’s Chairman Mr Ao FengTing whose ambition is to create China’s best and globally award-winning whisky.”

“MengTai will provide all of the buildings and ancillary accommodation required to establish the distillery in Ordos costing several million pounds. However, the production equipment will be manufactured here in Scotland and shipped to Inner Mongolia for assembly by Scottish engineers. The initial phase of distillery production equipment will create a circa £2.5m export order for Scotland”

“In fact, the project will deliver a multi million-pound export bonus for at least two Scottish companies still to be contracted for the design and build of the distillery production equipment and for the supply of bulk whiskies. As the project progresses there will be opportunities for skilled industry experts required to oversee the operation during the initial phases of the development”.

After signing the agreement in London, MengTai Chairman Ao FengTing said:

“My ambition is not just to produce China’s best quality whisky but one that is globally recognised in terms of world rankings. Scotland is the “home of whisky” and has the greatest expertise in terms of distillery equipment manufacture and know how. So, we are confident that Valentine International will deliver a world beating project for us in Ordos”

Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said: “This is great news for Scotland and an early win for our new International Trade Partnership programme which our Network operates in partnership with the Scottish Government.

“These opportunities were identified as a direct result of SCC hosting a business group in Scotland from the Government of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. This visit very quickly resulted in the signing of a business co-operation agreement with the General Chamber of Inner Mongolia at a major global Chinese entrepreneurs convention in London last month.

“This deal creates a significant opportunity for Scottish suppliers worth over £3million. We are confident of more investors coming to Scotland as a result. It is an example of what can be achieved by forging relationships and adding value and confidence between businesses across the globe.”


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