Gin Bothy Bags Deal to Export Gin to USA

Angus distillery Gin Bothy is expanding across the Atlantic with a deal to sell their spirits across 27 states.

Just eight months after successfully launching its gin in mainland Europe, the Angus Glens firm is ready to export to the USA.

Gin Bothy has partnered with Total Wine & More, America’s largest independent retailer of fine wine, to sell its original and Gunshot Gins in 229 stores across 27 states.

The partnership will double Gin Bothy’s current production and it will employ a full time production manager to cope with demand.

The first export will contain 6000 units, all numbered, batched and poured by hand in Scotland.

Kim Cameron “accidentally” started the gin-making venture in 2015.

Still, Gin Bothy uses traditional methods of production to make their gin.

The 2021 Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards saw Gin Bothy win a gold award for their Gunshot Gin.

Talks with the American retailer originally began at Gleneagles Hotel’s Showcasing Scotland event in 2019.

Gin Bothy founder Kim Cameron said: “It took time and persistence, but we are finally there,” as the deal came to completion.

The initial launch is taking place in Texas, with a state-by-state launch plan thereafter.

Historically a place of refuge, warmth, stories and Scottish folk songs, Kim hopes to keep the Bothy traditions alive.

She plans to sample her way around America, singing her self-composed ‘Bothy Song’ as she goes.

Ms Cameron said: “We’re thrilled to grow our stateside customer base and we have set our sights on Canada next.

“We hope to spread the Bothy love even further afield in the coming years, as we continue to expand our export adventure and develop our global network.”

Revenue in the gin segment amounts to around £2,084 million ($2,826m) in 2022 in the United States.

In 2021, the US saw sales of over 10 million nine litre cases of gin.

That makes it the fifth highest sales volume in the spirits industry.

Co-founder of Food Export International Daniel Crowe said: “We’re thrilled to see the gin awakening trickle across from the UK and take hold of the USA.

“With Scotland’s gin accounting for 70% of the UK’s production, it’s clear that the Scots are the experts.

“The impressive awards and compelling Scottish heritage definitely make Gin Bothy stand out from competitors.

“We’re pleased that Total Wine & More will be Gin Bothy’s gateway to American customers.”

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