Gin Bothy Secures Significant European Deal

Angus distillery Gin Bothy has followed up award-winning success by securing a new European distribution deal.

Gin Bothy won a gold award for its Gunshot Gin and silver for sister company Rum Bothy at the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards.

The company, set up by Kim Cameron in 2015, has now partnered with independent retailer Glen Fahrn to sell Gin Bothy throughout Switzerland and Germany.

Ms Cameron said: “The Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards recognise the best products from across Scotland.

“Winning two awards recognises all the hard work that our small but dedicated team consistently delivers.”

She also recognised the “significant” potential that the new partnership could bring.

Kim added: “The recent expansion to Switzerland and Germany marks the start of a relationship with independent retailer Glen Fahrn.

“The gin consumer market of Germany and Switzerland has a combined value of $811 million demonstrating the significant potential of the partnership.”

Gin Bothy has been hit hard by Covid-19, with 115 events in 2019 cut to just 12 last year as a result of the pandemic.

Despite this, sales exceeded 60,000 70cl and 5cl bottles last year.

Another member of the Bothy family, Hipflask Spirits, was selected as one of Aldi’s next top products.

Hipflask Sloe Bramble is now available in all Scottish Aldi stores as part of their Scottish spirit festival.

Kim added there are plans in the pipeline to grow the business further.

Gin Bothy exports to the Netherlands and Denmark and also has ambitions to enter the US market.

She said: “We have ambitious plans to spread the Bothy love even further afield as we continue to expand our export adventure and develop our global network beyond Europe.”

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