Rossie Chief’s Pride in Positive Inspection Report for Angus Establishment

Education inspectors have delivered a glowing report for Rossie Young People’s Trust in Angus, praising the leadership, learning and support provided at the establishment on the outskirts of Montrose.

The secure care facility received ratings of very good across four key areas of evaluation relating to an Education Scotland visit carried out by a team of inspectors at the beginning of this year.

In a newly-published report, HM Inspector Steven McPherson praised “highly effective” head teacher Paul Gray and what he described as the “aspirational vision” of Rossie’s care and education centres.

“Under the direction of senior leaders, education staff at Rossie are very passionate about school improvement and striving to achieve the best outcomes for young people,” said the report.

“Staff across care and education support young people to overcome potential barriers to learning including health needs, family circumstances and periods of prolonged interrupted learning.

“Staff across the organisation have a clear shared understanding of the central importance of wellbeing in supporting young people at Rossie.

“At the heart of this work is unconditional positive regard for each individual young person and a very strong commitment to fostering nurturing relationships.

“There is a strong commitment to ensuring that young people at Rossie are active participants in decision making which may affect them.

“One of the establishment’s major strengths is its comprehensive induction process,” added the report.

The report added: “Whilst almost all young people do feel safe at Rossie and most feel that they are treated with respect, a minority feel that the school does not always deal effectively with bullying.

“The recent introduction of the ‘Compassion Crew’, with the addition of some young people, will build on the good work done during its anti-bullying week.”

“My board and I are delighted that Rossie has achieved such positive results.

“Our head teacher, Mr Gray, is an effective and experienced leader, focused on delivering high quality teaching and creating positive learning opportunities for all our young people.

“The unique learning context at Rossie necessitates collegiate working across all disciplines, particularly between care and education staff to support young people’s wellbeing and attainment.

“Our contract with Scotland Excel allows us to be ground-breaking, as demonstrated by recent awards for Innovation and Workforce Development.

“Our young people participate in all aspects of Rossie’s life – we give them hope and self-belief, and they are the heart of Rossie.

“As CEO I feel very proud and privileged to be the leader of this amazing organisation”.

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