Scottish Government COVID-19 Routemap

The Scottish Government have just published a routemap to take Scotland through and out of the Covid crisis. Nicola Sturgeon says the routemap provides information about how and when we might ease the lockdown restrictions, while continuing to suppress the virus.

In the document First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

This document sets out the steps that will take us there. It doesn’t have all the answers and it doesn’t set exact timescales. That’s because we are still learning about the virus. We will have to move carefully and gradually to ensure we keep it under control and develop the best ways of doing so…………. The biggest single factor in all of this will be how well we continue to observe advice designed to control the virus. Continued hand washing, cough hygiene and physical distancing will be essential – so too will compliance with our test, trace, isolate and support system. This will mean that our workplaces and our public transport will look different from normal – we have all got used to things being different and it is going to be that way for a while.

This route map takes an evidence-led and transparent approach to easing restrictions and sets out a phased approach towards the future. This will inevitably be a future which will not just pick up where we were before this pandemic, but will be marked by the experiences we have been through. As we move forward over the coming months we will recognise that the impact of the virus has not been the same for everyone, although everyone has been affected. We will take an approach that takes us steadily towards the objectives and outcomes set out in the National Performance Framework.

You can view the full routemap here

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